FeMale Think Tank

FeMale Think Tank is a not-for-profit international association, based on scientific research, with its main purpose to investigate and to create initiatives and projects around female entrepreneurship.

Closing the gender gap in entrepreneurship by supporting female founders

– Our Approach –

FE+MALE Think Tank developed a unique approach to tackle the challenges female entrepreneurs face.

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– Our Why –

The gender unbalance contribution to the economy is even deeper for female entrepreneurship.

According to GEM Report 2019-20, for every company founded by a woman, there are 1.77 companies founded by men. That is equal to 36% of companies founded by women and 64% by men.

This research shows that there is a gender GAP in female entrepreneurship. We asked ourselves: Why do women open less companies than men? What are the drivers? What are the challenges?

After market research we were able to conclude that not only the existence of a Gender GAP is unquestionable but that the main stakeholders are aware of this disparity.

Then we searched for initiatives and organizations that are looking to create change, and we found plenty. We still ended up wondering why the problem persisted.

We had to face the reality that these types of problems are too complex and need to be tackled by different angles.

We ended up getting our answer and power to start with our initiative that is still missing in the market.

FE+MALE Think Tank brings a unique research-based approach that investigates the issues, bundles the topics and creates projects to solve the problems.

What makes us different.

  • We deliver the missing connection transforming research outcomes into actions
  • We bring data alive
  • We share knowledge and create value
  • We investigate challenges that women as entrepreneurs face in today’s world ecosystem before creating action
  • As a result of our investigation we will develop tools and frameworks
  • As a Think-Tank we will encourage creative ideas to challenge the status quo and provide new insights


Below you will find the list of our partners, fellow initiators and change makers. Without them, we would not be able to achieve our vision of closing the gender gap through advancing female entrepreneurship in Switzerland.