FeMale ThinkTank

the inclusive way

FE+MALE ThinkTank is a not for profit international association, based on scientific research, with its main purpose to investigate and to create initiatives and projects around female entrepreneurship

Our Value

We tackle topics such as innovation, funding, education, gender, mentoring, sustainability, intrapreneurship and leadership that have a long – lasting impact on society, close the gender gap and make significant contributions to economic and social growth. 

With our goal we contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal on Gender Equality.

Our purpose is to reinforce women assets, wealth and female entrepreneurship. We’re committed to giving women the community they need to take the next step in their careers and life.

— Patricia M. Montesinos, Co-Founder

Getting more opportunities for women ultimately benefits everyone and leads to a more equal and competitive world. We believe that through female entrepreneurship we can build a better and more sustainable world for us and for new generations.

— Edona Gutaj, Co-Founder