Who we are

FeMale Think Tank

Patricia M. Montesinos

Board Member, Co-Founder and President

I am passionate about empowering women and girls, and men committed to supporting women. I bring a strong understanding of the challenges that women founders face to access finance, and also a deep knowledge about the investor decision making process when it comes to gender. My knowledge is not just about the pure due diligence process but also about how unconscious bias may affect the decision to invest or not to invest in a business.
Local based but acting globally, I love cultural exchange and also try to make sure that there is a clear delineation between my roles and mandates. I like to build long term relationships that create value, and establish collaborations and alliances with different institutions.

Edona Gutaj

Board Member, Co-Founder, and Head of Project Management 

My mission with FE+MALE ThinkTank is personal and begins with my four nieces. For them and ultimately for every young girl, I want to untackle unconscious biases, remove obstacles towards women, and ultimately create a world where everyone lives within their truest version of themselves.
My passion goes to see beyond the obvious, so I always start with the question Why? Why did processes, people or systems develop to a certain stage? After that I can move into action towards the solution.

Maria Luisa Fuchs

Board Member and Head of Research

It is proven that diversity promotes innovation and boost economic and team performance in companies in different verticals. My ideal is to support FE+MALE ThinkTank with know-how and network, to create projects that challenge and improve business performance by fostering diversity.

Francesca Ronzio

Board Member and Finance & Executive Secretary

My wide experience throughout my studies in mechanical engineering and MBA has always opened my eyes to the importance of diversity. I am passionate about innovation and sustainability and challenging existing design practices to create new circular products. I love breaking the ceiling, especially when women’s empowerment is at stake.

Nicholas C. McCoy

Head of Fundraising

I am an advocate, visionary, and action-oriented professional who has spent the better part of a 15+ year career working to help increase opportunities for marginalized populations across the globe and advance local, national, and international efforts to help close gender gaps and make significant contributions towards economic and social growth in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. I come to this position with both a background in public (government) and international non-government organizational work and have a proven track record in building multi-stakeholder partnerships across sectors to help increase investments into improving outcomes for both children and families in urban and rural communities throughout the United States; Africa; Southeast Asia; Europe and Latin America. I feel a tremendous amount of privilege to be joining the FE+MALE Think Tank and I look forward to creating a new chapter with FE+MALE as we look towards building a broader and more inclusive way together!

Isabelle Vionnet

Fundraising and Communications Lead 

My interest in the topic of women entrepreneurs:
The compatibility of family and career is very important to me. I am happy to work/I advocate to ensure that women have the same opportunities and possibilities as men and that both are on an equal footing. As a mother of a daughter, as a bonus mom for my husband’s children and as the godmother of a wonderful girl, I am happy when all the strong young women can develop their full potential and do what is important to them and close to their hearts. For a world where there are no barriers and all children are allowed access to education.

Gabriel Zarnauskas 

Project Management

“Since teaching during my PhD in physics, supporting people in their development has always been one of the most rewarding activities for me. I have since switched to the corporate environment and more recently became an entrepreneur myself, but the satisfaction derived from seeing colleagues develop and achieve their goals has not changed. A more just and fair society in which individuals reach their full potential can only be achieved with the empowerment of women in entrepreneurship and total gender equality. I am very happy to be part of this initiative and to contribute to getting us all closer to that ideal world.”

Tim Born

The Inclusive Way Initiative Head of Communication for TIWI

In my opinion, the world is largely shaped by entrepreneurial individuals. To me, these people often seem very inspiring and full of drive, because they are fully committed to their project. Though, entrepreneurship has one shortcoming: the ratio between the different genders is not balanced at all. That’s why the world is largely shaped by men. As a result, important issues are not addressed or are addressed too little. With my role at FE + MALE THINK TANK I want to help change this to empower female entrepreneurship and create a more inclusive and sustainable society.

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