Our Projects

Project 01


Through our approach we identify missing research
topics and partner with Universties to investigate
the ideas and write studies.

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Project 02

TIWI – The Inclusive Way Initiative

A recent study of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) shows the gap between male and female founders and what possibilities there are to close this gap.

TIWI elaborates further on the findings and wants to create tangible solutions together with leaders in economy, politics and education.

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Project 03

BFBI – Beat Funding Bias Initiative

Based on the research from Dr. Kanze (2018) ‘We ask men to win and women not to lose: closing the gender gap in start-up funding’ the FE+MALE Think Tank conducted a series of expert interviews.

As there is not a systematic approach to avoid gender biased processes, BFBI develops a scalabale toolkit that helps investors and entrepreneurs to better overcome gender bias.

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