Our Approach

As a basis we build up knowledge by examining the global research pieces and selecting the papers that investigate these issues and propose solutions.

Under the umbrella, Innova Market Trends, we create a platform for Researchers, to share their views and findings, ultimately bringing us closer to understanding the problem.

Expert research findings bring different perspectives and ideas to the market and provide new angles under which these topics should be explored.

In this phase we put our brains together. We analyze the outputs that we receive through phase 1 and 2. We connect topics together and investigate further, to get a clear picture of the root cause and create solution concepts.

Our projects, build the last step, from our approach. Here we either investigate ideas further or directly develop solutions. In order to achieve the change we:

  • Propose best practices through initiatives, tangible tools and alternative frames for decision-makers and leaders, while measuring the impact over time.
  • Test out thoughts and ideas gathered through research findings and collected data.
  • We connect with our ecosystem through internal working groups of experts to get a broader view of current societal, managerial and economic issues.